Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Working Time

Well, I realized last year my writing and posting schedule is sporadic and doesn't fit into any discernible pattern. If I'm honest with myself I have yet to find my writing voice on this site and as money is not flowing as easily as I would like right now I'm putting energy into other things. The two may well be connected - the result is I'm not developing my digital journal as rapidly as I would like.

So, there has been a month I came back home to Indonesia. Having been around South Korea in the past three months, it’s hard to describe how blessed I feel to be here. And not simply being here — after months upon months of dispatch training, feeling overjoyed to be doing what I get to do — I feel blessed to be alive. I am as a human being who works hard and happens to enjoy art in the form of working as professional career.

You know that feeling when you’re working on something and it’s turning out above and beyond what you anticipated and you can barely sit still because you know you’ve got something special and you’re at the part where there’s a lot of work left to be done but you just KNOW everything is gonna turn out perfect??? I get my high off of that feeling. I basically live my professional life trying to set myself up for that feeling because it’s so potent and powerful and PURE.

Yudi's Workstation

My First Workstation

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