Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Daydream Collide

Fluid in my body was so turbulent very high when you went through an open door. You vanished and I can’t see you anymore. Your shadow diffuses through membrane soul.

The wind and the rain smell of oil and octane mixed with stale gasoline. I’ll soak up the sound trying to sleep on the wet ground. Cold integrity keeps me lay awake.

I take a long hard look through my textbook again. My head feels like it’s ready to blow. I served and scratched a rainbow. So curved, I felt the pain go.

Sad shadow was decorated with continous smile, but behind there is a light shade that could spread of million joules of energy. So radiate till turn the turbines of my heart.

I wish I could cross my arms and cross your mind 'cause I believe compassion as catalyst will reduce the residence and speed up our dreams.

I don’t care what Perry, Mc Cabe, Geankoplis, Brownell, Coulson, Smith, Van Ness said on our love reactor design. So we perfectly converted efficiently. But, I was busy with Unit Operations.

It hurts just to wake up whenever you are. Alone on the outside, so tired of looking in. The end is uncertain and I've never been so afraid. But I don't need a telescope to see that there's hope and that makes me feel brave.


PS : The more I think about it, the more I’ll bet things like this happen all the time and none of us know about it.


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